The Journey by Kelsey Ketch

Monday, April 5, 2021

Title: The Journey
Author: Kelsey Ketch 
Published: 25 November 2020
Pages: 181 (Kindle Edition)
Series: Death Island #1
Read: 04 April 2021 
Source: Lola's Blog Tours
Rating:  (3.5)
Content: Genre: fantasy/adventure/pirates! Age appropriate: from young adult +. Language: You won't need a bar of soap to wash your mouth. Adult content: You'll be able to read in public without blushing. Violence: Pirates = violence. Magic: paranormal 
Synopsis: With her family name tainted by her great-grandfather’s crimes, Meriden Cummings could only dream of fleeing her oppressive life. Then she unearthed a piece of tanned skin, and her blood revealed an ancient map adorned with Mayan glyphs, launching her on the journey of a lifetime. However, she finds herself bound to the map, and there is a cost to her newfound freedom. One that will torment her mind as well as her soul.

After being shanghaied by pirates, Gregory Wilson escapes to a small English village where he runs into an obnoxious auburn-haired beauty. When he learns she is about to set sail on dangerous waters, he signs up to join her crew, hoping to defend her from the pirates seeking her great-grandfather’s treasure. But, will he be able to protect her from the ghost that haunts her or the curse running through her veins.

Ahoy Mateys! Shiver me timbers! (something like "Holy Cow" - a surprised expression). Oh how I wish I could be shouting that from the mast of Meriden's ship. What a fun, action packed adventure we just had on the high seas. A feisty heroine and her scaridy corgi, but an extremely brave cat. A bit of an anti-hero with scars where bandages can't reach. A pirate ship, a crew with a couple of scaly and scary sailors,  a ghost or two and of course, a treasure map. Gosh I loved it!

We're not going to re-tell the story for you in this review. The Goodreads blurb is more than adequate and this is one of those stories that will be best enjoyed first-hand. My Mommy said it reminded her of Pirates of the Caribbean, a movie series she loved. I have no idea what she's talking about, so I guess we'll be watching that tonight.

The story is told through Meriden and Gregory's alternating viewpoints. Both characters are aware of the true destination, the map and the curse their journey is leading too. I just wish we knew too! This is a duology and I guess we just have to request the second one in order to know where they are going to end up. What we do know, is that they definitely already sailed passed the Cape of Good Hope, or perhaps Algoa Bay. The rooibos leaves give that away.

"The rich aroma of the rooibos leaves mixed with spiced rum calmed my frayed nerves even before taking a sip."

My Mommy is not good with cliffhangers, or in this case - books that walk the plank and then it ends right there on the tip of the plank. Yes, yes, we know it's a very clever hack from authors to do that, because then you as the reader, want to read the next one immediately. Why not just make it one book in the first place? I know what's going to happen now. My Mommy will request the second instalment and then it's going to take her weeks, if not months, to read it while I just hang here on the edge of the plank with ghosts and pirates and salty seawater haunting me. I guess I'm going to need a cup of strong rooibos tea in the meantime.

The story was very well written with vivid character sketches and strong worldbuilding. I could just about feel the sticky sea salt on my fluffy fur (can't imagine how Wally must feel all the time) and I am convinced that there are still a few skeletons waiting to jump out of the treasure chests or rum barrels. 

All in all, it was a jolly good read. So far. 

About the Author:

Kelsey Ketch is a young-adult/new-adult author, who works as a Wildlife Biologist in the state of North Carolina. During her free time, she can often be found working on her latest work in progress. She also enjoys history, mythology, traveling, and reading.

For more information, please visit her site at

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  1. Sounds good. I like the cover and I liked Pirates of the Carribean. Great review.

    1. Hi Yvonne! Yes, this is a definite one that you will enjoy!!!

  2. Arrr! Sound's good, matey! I'm currently still reeling over Chain of Thorns... I must have that book now!

    1. Hi Brooke! It's a quick and fun read, hope you get to it soon!

  3. I'm with you on cliffhangers! I usually want the next book RIGHT NOW but by the time I get my hands on the next book, I've lost interest. Oh well. I hope you're able to continue the series soon!

    1. EXACTLY Jen!!!! I've requested the follow up of this one, and I haven't even downloaded it yet... But I will get to it eventually. Want to know what's happening now!

  4. I wonder what the mermaids would think of this one....

    1. Hi Debbie! I wanted to use this one actually as there is a small mention of them and I suspect there will be more of them in the second instalment.

  5. Yeah, I can't handle series reads nowadays either, standalones only. (And now I'm going to look up what rooibos leaves mean...)

    1. Hi Lex. I'm so on your page here. I don't mind reading a series, but I don't like a cliffhanger that basically forces you to read the second one. A book must end in such a manner that you as the reader decide for yourself if you want to read the next one or not.

      But I'll still read this one's second installment. Just don't know when.

  6. I just got the first two in this series! I don't know a whole lot about it but I like pirates so I went for it lol I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it!

    1. Hi Molly! It's a fun series and reads easily. I still need to read the second instalment though!

      Hope you enjoy it and let me know what your thoughts are on it.


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