The Curious Case of Florence Winters

Thursday, April 15, 2021

 Title: The Curious Case of Florence Winters
Author: May Bridges
Published: April 2021
Pages: 204 (Kindle Edition)
Series: Florence Winters #1
Read: 12 April 2021 
Source: From the author herself
Content: Genre: historical cozy mystery Age appropriate: from young adult +. Language: 1920's high society Graphic content: not even a spot of blood 
Synopsis: Florence Winters is ready to escape the whispers about her.
At twenty-three, being unmarried is almost unheard of in small town Ohio, which leaves Florence living with her busy-body parents who’d like nothing more than to marry her off to the first fellow who so much as looks her way.

Everything changes when the wealthy and slightly eccentric Aunt Julia requests Florence’s companionship in the city where dreams come true—the one and only New York City. Intrigued but still cautious, Florence accepts the invitation but she has no idea what awaits her in Aunt Julia’s ravishing brownstone in the West Village.

Secret meetings. Secret passages. Secretive house staff. Even Aunt Julia’s cat seems to have something to hide!

Florence isn’t the type to pry, but when one of Aunt Julia’s adversaries ends up missing and Aunt Julia is suspected of foul play, Florence feels she owes it to her hostess to search for the truth. Even if it means braving the glitzy and glamorous New York City night life in the process.

Take a moment to step back in time to Great Gatsby style dresses, speakeasies, toe-tapping jazz, and… murder. 

Meet Florence Winters. She is 23 years old. Unmarried. As tall as a willow tree (no idea how tall a willow tree should be, but she reminds me of a willow tree and most trees are quite tall). Agatha Christie fan. Imagine living in an era where you can still eagerly await the latest Christie mystery. Inquisitive beyond what is good for her. A nose for foul play. I say we have a brand new amateur sleuth joining the Cozy Mystery genre!

Life in the 1920's and in New York City, was definitely the Bee's Knees. Between the dazzling lights of the city, and unravelling more than one secret, things have never been more exciting for Flo and all her new acquaintances. Even Mr. Sneaky who I believe will still solve many a secret all by himself.

May Bridges is a welcome new voice to the Cozy Mystery high society. She captured the glitz and the glam of the 1920's perfectly and all the characters are well developed and relatable for the era. We can't wait to see what Flo and the gang will come up with next time!

About the Author

May Bridges is the author of the Florence Winters Mystery series, set in NYC in the 1920's - where high society can be deadly! 
She also has a deep love of history and reading. Put them together with a twist of a mystery and you have her book! You can find her with her nose in a book with a paint brush in her hand, or with a messy bun on her head. 

I've received an ARC from May Bridges in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and purrs on this book is our own. 

Lots of Love,


  1. Looks cozy indeed, and enjoyed your review. Reminds me of the Maisie Dobb/ Phryne Fisher mysteries. Glad you liked it! ~Lex

    1. HI Lex! I think it's going to be a series to look out for. May Bridges writes very well. It was an easy, but still captivating read.

  2. Replies
    1. It really is a great cover and the book is also a lovely read.

  3. I do so like vintage mystery series! thanks for the update.

    1. This one is a first in a series, but I am looking forward to reading more of them.

  4. Just the fact the main character is a Christie fan sells me. I'm a touch jealous of my grandmother and mother that they were alive and reading when Christie was actively publishing! My mother remembers going to pick up some of her later books. I love this time period and am adding this to my TBR. Definitely sounds like one I'd love!

    1. Hi Katherine! Yes! You will love this! I know, it must have been awesome to actually wait for a Christie new release.

      Hope you get to reading this one soon!

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    1. That's a lovely compliment! Thank you so much.


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