Wondrous Words (numbers) Wednesday - 42

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Today is a wondrous day! It's my Mommy's Birthday! Hooray hooray! Yes, you've guessed it, she is 42 today. That age where she now should know the meaning of life and everything else. And then 2020 happened. Just to show us that we will never, ever have everything figured out. 

Mommy was planning on having A Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy party for her 42nd birthday where she would have loved to hand out towels as party gifts. Alas. 2020. But we can still reflect on the number 42 and if there really are any significance to it. Or even better, is it truly the answer to life and everything else? 

In Douglas Adams' sci-fi series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," a pair of programmers task the galaxy's largest supercomputer with answering the ultimate question of the meaning of life, the universe and everything. After 7.5 million years of processing, the computer reaches an answer: 42. Only then do the programmers realize that nobody knew the question the program was meant to answer. Mommy just loved that! But do you know that two very, very clever mathematicians did solve this riddle in 2019?

There is no use in me trying to explain this to you, but you are welcome to read this very interesting article Two Mathematicians Just Solved a Decades-Old Math Riddle — and Possibly the Meaning of Life

And here are a few fun facts about the number 42 as well:
  1. Wolves and most adult dogs have 42 teeth. That is why fluffy white kittens should stay clear of their jaws.
  2. A marathon is 42 kilometers long. Almost the same as getting through the last couple of days of the year.
  3. 42 is a sphenic number. This is a number that is the product of three distinct prime numbers. No clue what that means. But it sure does sound impressive.
  4. In an episode of The Simpsons, police chief Wiggum wakes up to a question aimed at him and replies “42!”. See, the answer to everything else.
  5. There are 42 dots on one pair of dice. Did you also go and count it now? 
  6. It is impossible for an observer to see a rainbow from water droplets at any angle other than 42 degrees from the direction opposite the light source. Just wow.
  7. 42 is the number of Buzz Lightyear’s ship from Toy Story. We are so watching Toy Story tonight.
  8. Dutch actor Rutger Hauer once starred in an advertisement for Guinness. He did that using the unusual slogan “It’s hard to put value to things, however this is 42”. Makes perfect sense to me. The meaning of life to some people are beer, hence 42.
  9. The Gutenberg Bible is also known as the 42-line Bible, because each page has 42 lines on it. It was the first book in Europe to be printed using Gutenberg’s printing press. 
  10. Sticking to the Bible: The book of Revelation tells a rather unhappy tale of ‘the beast’ that will rule every tribe, people, language and nation for 42 months.
  11. The TV series Lost was packed with references to the number 42. It was the last number in the sequence of numbers that played a key role in the series. The number was frequently visible throughout various episodes, and the plane had 42 rows of seats. Time for a re-run. Mommy was glued to this series. There's a blogpost somewhere. 
  12. Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, passed away at age 42. He had 42 grandchildren. His great-grandson Edward VIII abdicated the throne when he was 42 years old. Elvis Presley also passed away at 42. Now I'm nervous. 
Seeing that we mainly talk books on this blog, Mommy decided to make a quick list of a couple of books that gave meaning to her life over the last 42 years. The list are endless, but these ones did pop up with just a quick thought of 7.5 seconds and not 7.5 million years. She's just giving you the answers here, you can figure out the why and how, thus the question - yourself. (It's 42).

Mommy is spending her birthday today with colleagues and friends and of course, me, Daddy and the rest of the furry family. I guess that is actually the true meaning of life and everything else.

Happy Birthday Mommy! 

Lots of Love,



  1. Hi Mareli,

    "Happy Birthday" to you!!

    Sending you all best and I hope that you enjoy your special day, even though it will be a little different this year!

    I like the way you have adapted your WWW post to all be about the number 42 this time, what a lovely, unique idea.

    My favourite of your number related facts are:

    2. Because my brother and eldest niece both ran the London Marathon in the same year and crossed the finish line holding hands!

    5. Just because it is one of those fun facts which are good to share at Christmas!

    7. Because I love anything and everything Disney!

    My favourite book from your own personal selection of favourites, has to be 'Murder On The Orient Express', you just can't beat a bit of Agatha Christie, she is definitely one of the classic authors.

    Thanks for sharing and once again, have a lovely day, but remember to Stay Safe :)

    Yvonne Xx

    1. HI Yvonne! Thanks for all the well wishes and I am glad you enjoyed the post! I had so much fun writing it.

      Lots of love,

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day!
    I love those little fun facts about the number 42 :)

    1. Hi Lindsey! Thanks so much! Had a lovely day, but I sure do feel 42 today after a late night of partying in the middle of the week...!

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Happy birthday to you !!! We were born the same day, but not the same year ;) I loved your facts on 42 and yes, I did go and count the number of dots on the nearest dice ^^

    1. Oh my gosh!!! Then Happy Birthday to you too!!! Am I the older one here??

      Wha ha ha!! I actually also did it last night. We played Cluedo and I just had to count it....

      Thanks for the well wishes and I do hope you had a wonderful day too!

  4. I hope you had a fantastic day, we are both now in the 39 years and 36 months club! It’s not too bad, it was pointed out today that I’m still the “baby” at work! The hitchhikers themed party would have been fantastic! I hope Eliza got you a lovely present Xx

    1. Hi Heather! I did have a great day yes. The year might not have been all that great, but my birthday sure was! I am very short and a real energizer bunny - so yes, I do get that at school as well. I had a Mommy who phoned me on Wednesday evening saying there is no way I can be older than 30. She is sure I am lying through my teeth! LOL!!! I'll take it as a compliment.

      Elza gave lots of love and kisses, but I did get some great prezzies from my friends and hubby.

  5. Replies
    1. I saw it does that stupid auto correct thing on her name!

  6. Happy birthday! I love love love your birthday party idea and hope you have are able to do that for a 42 + 1 party next year. I've got a year and a half before I turn 42 so I need to get this whole life thing figured out super quick. We have some favorite books in common. Love Guernsey and Narnia and of course anything by Agatha Christie is always a favorite!

    1. Hi Katherine! That is one excellent idea! 42 + 1 party. We did have a small get together with some colleagues and we played Cluedo the evening, so at least we did do something. But no big party no.

      I'm sure that after the year you've had, you have the meaning of life and everything else well sorted out.

      Thanks for stopping by and all the well wishes, hope you guys are good!

  7. Happy birthday! I love the Hitchhiker party idea, especially giving away towels as party gifts! :-D I ordered Don't Panic! Hitchhiker face masks for quite a few people this year. It seems like good advice.

    I turned 42 in July and I have to say that I don't feel like I've been given the answers to life, the universe, and everything else. I'm slightly disappointed and hoping for a refund.


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