December Countdown: One prompt per day (day 5 - 8)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Yes yes! We did it! We managed to do day 5 - 8 of this fun December Countdown hosted by Lynn's Book Blog

  1. Snow – a book set in a cold or wintry climate
  2. Shopping – the last book added to your wishlist
  3. Wrapping paper – a lovely cover
  4. Presents – a book you enjoyed more than you expected to
  5. Chocolates – a book that was simply delicious
  6. Christmas stocking – stocking fillers – a novella or short story
  7. Christmas Tree –  traditional style, winter read
  8. Baubles – these add some colour, a very colourful and striking cover
Once again, you don't need to say anything about your books, just make sure that it links up to Goodreads or wherever you would like it to show up in bright Christmas lights. 

Chocolates - A book that was simply delicious

Christmas Stocking - Stocking fillers, a short story or a novella

Christmas Tree - Traditional style, winter read

Baubles - these add some color, a very colorful and striking cover

As from tomorrow, we will hopefully be on track until we reach yearend 202o. If you also want to join in the fun, follow Lynn's prompts here: Christmas Countdown: One prompt per day

Lots of Love,



  1. This sounds like fun! I haven't heard of any of the books that you listed.

    1. Hi there Carole! They are all worth the read and all of them will make perfect holiday reads.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Debbie! It really is! Just a bit of fun for the holidays.

  3. Replies
    1. You should try it Greg! Sure you have stacks of books you can use from the archives.

  4. This is fun! I wish I'd had time to do it! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I can try it next year.
    Lisa Loves Literature

    1. Hi Lisa! It's just quick and easy to do and I love the idea of a New Year's countdown. Especially this year!

      Hope you get to do it next year.


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