December Countdown: One prompt per day (day 14 & 15)

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Greetings! If you are following my Instagram page, you will see that we are very, very good with posting our daily prompts on that platform. We get off the rails a bit when it comes to the blogger update. 

I think the whole of South Africa is dropping the Christmas Spirit today. The Grinch stole Christmas last night. I kid you not. 

All beaches in the Eastern Cape (where we live) are closed until the 3rd of January 2021 and we are back to curfew. I cannot for the life of me understand why you are not allowed to go to the beach, but the malls are open and gatherings of up to 100 people are allowed indoors and 250 for outdoor gatherings. December is beach holiday time in South Africa and we have these gorgeous, vast, open beaches. But then again, I am nothing but a silly little kitten. What do I know?

Alas, I guess Christmas is all about not being bothered by the Grinches of this world and just enjoy the season for what it is. Having Mommy at home and spending time reading all these marvelous books. 

Here's our day 14 and 15 of the December Countdown (we might extend ours to the 3rd of January when we can go to the beach again)

  1. Snow – a book set in a cold or wintry climate
  2. Shopping – the last book added to your wishlist
  3. Wrapping paper – a lovely cover
  4. Presents – a book you enjoyed more than you expected to
  5. Chocolates – a book that was simply delicious
  6. Christmas stocking – stocking fillers – a novella or short story
  7. Christmas Tree –  traditional style, winter read
  8. Baubles – these add some colour, a very colourful and striking cover
  9. Fairy Lights – a book of the fae
  10. Under the Tree – a book you forgot you owned
  11. Mistletoe – a little bit of romance
  12. Holly and Ivy – a book with great world building
  13. Feast – a book that was magnificent
  14. Christmas pudding – if you could squeeze in just one more book for 2020
  15. Mince pies –  a little sweet something

Day 14 - Christmas Pudding. If you could squeeze in just one more book for 2020 (we need to squeeze in 6)

Day 15 - Mince Pies. A little sweet something

How are you doing with your December Countdown? Plans for Christmas all in place?

Lots of Love,



  1. The Christmas spirit is definitely a bit elusive this year. The Alice Network is on my TBR. It looks like such a good read! I hope you do squeeze it in to 2020 because I want to see your thoughts on it!

    1. I am going to start with The Alice Network now! Will keep you posted.

      Lots of love,

  2. Aw I'm sorry to hear that! Super frustrating. I would think the beaches would be safer (outdoors after all!!) than all that indoor stuff. Huh...

    Good luck with squeezing that book in- it looks good! :)

    1. I know Greg, it's soooooooo frustrating! And today was such a beautiful day. I am blessed to live only two blocks from the sea and have a gorgeous sea view. But what about the poor holiday makers. My heart goes out to them!

      I am starting with my squeeze in book now and I am looking forward to it!

  3. I agree it seems that outdoor beaches should be open ... and indoor malls should be closed. It's backwards! Still keep your holidays spirits going ....

    1. Today was a bright sun shining day and I just put my swimsuit on and sat in the sun reading. While watching the sea at least...

  4. I need to squeeze in way more than 6 to make my goal this year. 😂

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

    1. Oh gosh! And I thought I had it bad. But I'm down to four now!!

      Good luck to you and you can do it. Put on your reading Nike's and just do it.

  5. That's too bad. So weird to close the beaches and not the sounds like they're trying to say they're doing something but the malls are harder to close because of money and the beaches are easier...weird. Hope you all still have a lovely countdown to Christmas and enjoy yourselves! Good luck with your reading this week!

    1. Hi Heather!
      Quite a few petitions going around, I wonder if it might not actually be lifted.
      I've been to town quickly this morning and it was sooo busy and chaotic. Actually felt a bit nervous. Sure I would fewl much better and safer if I can just take a stroll on the beach.
      But yes, the plan is still to make the best of Christmas.

  6. This cat on the Elizabeth Pantley cover is absolutely stunning !! No plans yet for Christmas, it will be a very 2020 special quiet day :)

    1. That is queen Latifa on the cover of Falling into Magic. She is quite the sassy cat. Cute and lovely little book to read.

      Quiet is good to. I think we might need it this year more than we think.

  7. The germ that stole Christmas.
    Lynn :D


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